ICON Health and Fitness, Active Life Sports is committed to delivering products to customers without any defects in materials and manufacturing processes. Make sure the product is durable if guaranteed:

+ Use according to the instructions of Active Life Sports specialist.

+ Assemble in accordance with the method and standards

+ Products used in environmental conditions, space and weather appropriate


The product warranty period is calculated from the date of purchase.

Warranty period of the product
Treadmill Nordictrack /Family Nordictrack/Gym
Frame  10 years
Engine  5 years
Electronics  1 year
Other parts  1 year
Bicycle, full body exercise bike
Frame 10 years
Motor  1 year
Electronics  1 year
Other parts  1 year


Warranty conditions

Products are warranted only for the buyer and will not be transferred in any way. If the warranty card is lost, changed or deleted, the warranty will not be effective.

Warranty only for products provided by Active Life Sports.

Home warranty service only applies in Ho Chi Minh City, in case products in other provinces Active Life Sports will charge an additional travel and accommodation cost (if any) for technicians to warranty the product. .

In case the product cannot be repaired at the customer’s house, the product (or a part) will be shipped to the company’s headquarters for warranty and shipping costs (if any) will be paid by the customer.

The warranty is void if:

+ Customers are free to fix any problems on the device without advice and acceptance from ICON Health and Fitness or Active Life Sports.

+ Preservation and outdoor use

+ Normal wear and tear of the product.

+ Damage caused by improper installation process.

+ Damage caused by incorrect adjustment by the customer.

+ Damage caused by customers’ use for improper purposes, not according to instructions.

+ Damage due to unstable power supply, short-circuit, transformer.

+ Damage caused by rats, cockroaches and insects.

+ Damage in storage as the penetration of impurities such as liquid, dirt into electronic equipment

+ Damage caused by use or storage in the environment not in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations.

+ Any errors caused by natural disasters, lightning, water, fire ….

+ Damage due to transportation.

+ Damage caused by rust, corrosion ..

Conditions of use:

The conditions of use should be adhered to to ensure the product is durable and to enjoy the warranty policy from Active Life Sports.

+ All warnings and instructions for use should be read and understood before using the product

+ Do not continue using the product if it has been damaged. If there is any problem, stop using immediately and contact Active Life Sports.

+ Do not install and use the product on an unstable, slippery, or soft ground. The product should be assembled and used on a dry, level and stable surface.

+ Need to unplug the power cord when not in use.

+ Active Life Sports encourages customers to install an additional safety switch in the power supply to the machine, especially in areas of unstable voltage.

+ When using a transformer to switch the power source, make sure the transformer is in good use.

+ Regularly check the product, if found damaged, immediately stop using and notify Active Life Sports.

+ Do not allow children or patients to use the product.

+ Do not use the product if it is wet or rusted.