As one of the enterprises operating in the field of supplying and distributing sport equipment for a long time, Active Life Sports Joint Stock Company would like to commit to the sales and quality policy for the product. is provided as follows:

– All goods are of clear, transparent and genuine origin from manufacturers and importers.

– Absolutely not sell fake goods, fake brands, poor quality goods.
All products listed are inclusive of value added tax (VAT). This activity is to protect customers’ rights and fulfill tax liability in accordance with Vietnamese law. We encourage all organizations and individuals to request VAT invoices when making purchases. If you want to write a financial invoice, please provide the information immediately to the Accounting Department to issue a timely invoice. VAT invoices are issued only on the same day as prescribed by the General Department of Taxation and the Ministry of Finance. In case the customer refuses to buy goods but the invoice has been issued; Please sign and seal the Minutes of Invoice Cancellation.

– 100% refund of the value of the sold goods if the goods sold are not in accordance with the commitment, the wrong origin (excluding shipping costs, return shipping). Contact Customer Service: Phone / Fax: (08) 3931 4688 – 3931 4598 Email:

– Sold goods are warranted according to manufacturer standards. Products are sold at competitive prices, priced lower or equal to the price specified by the manufacturer. is committed to selling products at the right price – at the right quality.
– To ensure the purchase rights, please provide your personal information and contact details. We are not responsible if information is missing resulting in a failure, loss or delay of delivery.

– Service attitude: Be honest with customers, serve with all your heart and respect. If customers experience any problems or dissatisfaction due to staff attitude, please call Sales Manager directly: Mr. Linh 0909 525 009, Email:

– Do not disclose or use customers’ personal information for the wrong purpose. Comply with Vietnamese laws on sales and protection of consumer rights.

– Customers will often benefit from promotions, promotions of the company as well as discount programs and promotions of suppliers. Commit to award prizes, promotions as prescribed.

– Sales policy and product quality at

For the sustainable development of the company, we are always committed to the highest customer satisfaction. If you have any suggestions to help us improve our sales service better, please contact the company at the following address:

Address: 222 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai, Ward 06, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City
Phone: 077 807 9999
Tax code: 0308047018
STK: 200014851149487 – EximBank TP. HCM