Treadmill For Gym Proform 400i

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    Proform 400i treadmill is the family treadmill of the leading sports equipment group in the US. ICON HEALTH & FITNES. ICON exercise products are very popular with users in the US. Active Life Sport officially distributed in Vietnam.

    The Proform 400i treadmill is suitable for family use, with some of the following characteristics:

    Proform 400i fitness monitor screen

    Màn hình máy chạy thể dục Proform 400i


    With luxurious design style. The buttons are distributed in a reasonable manner to help practitioners easily manipulate.

    The screen displays information such as exercise time, distance, speed, calories consumed and a user’s heart rate. All parameters are displayed clearly and continuously. Practitioners can follow closely and feel their progress through each training session.

    On the screen there is a tray to attach the iPad so that users can watch movies and listen to music while practicing.

    Khay để Ipad máy chạy thể dục

    Professional damping system

    Like on other fitness machines of ICON. Damping system is the part that designers and manufacturers put a lot of enthusiasm. The exercise machine has a professional damping mode that eliminates the feedback forces on the ankles, ankles, knee joints … making the training process safer than ever.

    The suspension system is manufactured by a well-known American shock absorber group. This makes a difference compared to other products on the market.

    Speed and slope

    Exercise machine with speed from 0-10 MPH. Grades 0 – 10% change quickly with the click of a button to help you focus completely on the training process. The frequent change of speed and slope during training makes the training more effective and quality.

    Suitable for whom?

    The Proform 400i treadmill is suitable for family use for daily exercise, walking, and exercise. The device is not suitable for commercial gyms.

    Warranty policy according to the company’s policy, motor warranty within 5 years, other parts 01 year.


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