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    Nordictrack GX4.4 Pro exercise bike is easy to use, does not put too much pressure on joints such as knees, ankles. You still maintain your daily exercise even when the weather is bad at home or in the gym.

    Unlike regular exercise bikes, Nordictrack GX4.4 exercise bike has features and perfect design for daily cycling training.

    Integrating 28 exercise programs. Each program is researched and certified by world-leading coaches. Exercises include: 10 calorie training programs, 9 workout programs for each level, 9 workout programs for races. You can enjoy your training according to your needs.

    5 ”backlit screen on the control panel makes it easy for trainers to keep track of parameters during practice such as:

    • Time to run 
    • Running distance 
    • Speed ​​running 
    • Calorie consumption

    GX 4.4 pro equipped with 22 levels of resistance allows the trainer to increase or decrease the level of resistance. Helping exercise more effective for the purpose of consuming calories and increasing fitness. The magnetic braking system does not produce friction, making the bike work smoothly and smoothly.

    Nordictrack GX4.4 Pro exercise bike has a modern design

    The seat and pedals are placed just like the regular bikes use to make you feel like you’re on the road. The seat is easy to adjust so you can choose the seat position that best suits your height. The pedal holds the foot in place, making training easier and safer.

    Nordictrack’s exercise bikes are equipped with a heart rate monitor system. All parameters are displayed on the backlit screen to help you easily adjust the level of training to be more effective.

    Speaker system that connects ipod or any music player. You can enjoy your favorite songs while practicing. The whole body cooling fan system creates a cool and pleasant feeling to help you exercise longer.

    Tablet trays are also built into the body. You can watch movies, surf the web, check emails easily.

    GX 4.4 Pro is the perfect choice for home gym, high-end gyms, resorts.

    Products are imported directly from the US. Distributed exclusively by Active Life Sports Joint Stock Company.

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