Nordictrack FS9i aerial exercise machine


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    In addition to the traditional combination limbs workout. You can walk steadily, pace your feet up and down, practice jogging with long strides, or other custom exercises.

    A special feature of the Nordictrack FS9i Aerobic Exercise Machine is that it allows you to exercise with stride up to 1.5m. With this design, you will have more workout movements to burn calories, increase height, stay beautiful and strong.

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    Ifit Live technology built into the Norditrack FS9i full-body exercise machine will make it more enjoyable to practice at home. You can practice on any terrain in this world through Google Maps. HD training videos, training programs are regularly updated by iFit.

    IFit Active Technology

    You can also participate in training under the guidance of coach Millian Micheals – one of the hottest coaches today. You can also participate in competitions with iFit community members around the world. Share your workout plan, schedule and results so everyone can join the discussion.

    Công nghệ ifit live trên Nordictrack fs9i

    7 inch standard HD LCD screen

    The Nordictrack FS9i Aerial Exercise Machine features a 7 “HD touch screen LCD monitor. Gives a clear view to giving you a new workout experience. With the touch screen using Android Web operating system You can watch movies, listen to music, check emails, Facebook, and work out while you practice.

    LCD screen combined with iFit technology will bring a great experience during the training session. HD videos or simulated running tracks and workout parameters like. Time, distance, parameters of the heart are clearly and completely displayed.

    1 TOUCH control panel

    The control panel with 1 TOUCH touch technology makes it easy to operate. Touch technology has completely replaced the position of the previous hard keys.


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