Nordictrack Elite full-body exercise machines 12.9


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    The version of Nordictrack Elite 12.9 full body exercise with many new improvements. Definitely gives you the most comfortable and effective workout moments ever.

    Not only has a beautiful appearance, Elite 12.9 is designed for optimal body training. With pedal system, handle, control panel, touch screen, cooling fan system, speaker system … All create a perfect training product. The Elite 12.9 is one of Nordictrack’s best-selling exercise machines.

    The outstanding advantages of Nordictrack Elite exercise machine 12.9

    The Nordictrack Elite 12.9 full-body exercise machine features a clear touchscreen LCD. Using the Android web browser operating system to help you exercise at home.
    Now you can surf the web, watch movies, check email, facebook, work right while practicing. HD display combined with iFit live technology will create exciting training sessions.

    IFit Live Technology

    IFit Live technology brings a revolution in home training. You can train with a coach, in any terrain in the world. Just connect to the internet and you can share your training knowledge, plans and results with the iFit Online community.
    The Nordictrack Elite 12.9 full-body exercise machine also provides you with a tray for the iPad right on the control frame. The arrangement of the tray so that the iPad is at eye level makes it easy for practitioners to work with their iPad during exercise.

    Customize the level of the exercise

    You can easily change the slope with 20 custom levels. Get ready with these strength exercises with these challenging levels. The practice of losing weight, staying fit and strengthening your body will quickly be effective.
    Changing the slope with 26 levels of resistance will help you set a higher exercise goal. Press the touch key on the control panel to increase or decrease the resistance level easily.

    Touch measuring heart rate

    Accurate heart rate measurement system, ipod speaker and body cooling system. Contribute to creating a perfect training product for practicing at home.

    Products imported directly from the US

    Contact us immediately for advice on genuine Nordictrack products imported directly from the US. We are the only Nordictrack representative in Vietnam


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