Nordictrack Elite 2500 electric treadmill

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    The Nordictrack Elite 2500 treadmill appears impressive with remarkable improvements in design and support for jogging at home. A new product is very noticeable in the US market and the world.
    Highlights in the Nordictrack Elite Treadmill 2500
    The Nordictrack Elite 2500 treadmill is equipped with a 7-inch HD touch screen for extreme sharpness. Now you can online to read your email, news, or use your favorite social networks while practicing with Android ™ web browser. Control center incorporating this touch screen you can design your own interesting tracks through Google Maps Street View. Or through iFit Live and keep track of your progress.

    màn hình lcd Elite 2500

    Touch screen using Android operating system

    Runners Flex damping system

    The special Runners Flex ™ damping system allows the trainee to choose one of two modes:


    When in off (off) mode, the suspension system will automatically adjust the conveyor belt to help you practice jogging and walking like on real terrain.
    When in open mode (on) the system will adjust through optimal damping mode. With 6 layers of shock absorbers help to split the impact force from the feet onto the conveyor. Thanks to this feature, the Runners Flex ™ damping system will minimize the impact force from the conveyor on the body parts, minimizing the rate of injuries to the joints.
    With this damping system, people with bone and joint problems can still be assured to practice. Do not be obsessed by pain caused by exercise. Elite 2500 is suitable for physiotherapy. This is something that conventional treadmills do not offer.

    IFit Live technology

    IFit Live technology on the Nordictrack Elite 2500 Treadmill makes your workout fun. Technology that simulates a real-life environment through Google Maps. Practice with HD videos, compete in the iFit Online community. Train with trainer Jillian Micheals. Keep track of your progress and the effectiveness of your workout in the best way.

    ifit Elite 2500

    Ifit Live technology on Nordictrack treadmill

    Combined perfectly with iFit Live technology, the Nordictrack E2500’s automatic slope adjustment function will help you practice with realistic terrain such as climbing, downhill with custom -3 -3%. This function helps you navigate your workout plan effectively.

    Strong engine

    With the maximum capacity of the machine up to 5.7 horsepower will help you train with every level, the engine is equipped with an optimal cooling fan to help the machine operate smoothly, durable and stronger than ever.

    dong co elite 2500

    Powerful Durx engine

    The exclusive suspension system on Nordictrack treadmill products will help you forget the obsession with joint pain. With 6 layers of shock absorbers are spread evenly on the running band will help split the impact force from the foot of the trainer and minimize the force of the opposite impact on the body parts. Thanks to this special damping system, people with joint problems or who want to practice therapy can use the Nordictrack Elite 2500 treadmill.

    1 Touch Technology

    Nordictrack E2500 uses 1-touch technology instead of the previous hard buttons. This allows you to easily manipulate adjustments. With 38 excellent exercise programs already installed on the machine. Adjust the speed up to 22km / h. Adjust the slope from -3 to 15%. Just flick to use according to your purpose easily.
    The Nordictrack E2500 supports heart rate monitoring via a heart rate monitor. All heart activity information will be displayed on the screen so you can track and navigate your workout plan most effectively.
    The two indispensable support systems on the Nordictrack treadmill are the cooling system. In addition, multimedia will help you comfortably practice without worrying about heat and discomfort.

    Warranty: Genuine.

    • Frame: 10 years
    • Engine: 05 years
    • Other parts: 01 year
    There are many interesting things waiting for you to discover. Nordictrack constantly improves technology and applications to bring the best products. Any questions and suggestions please contact us – Nordictrack’s only representative in Vietnam.


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