Nordictrack E12.7 full body exercise machine


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    Working out with the Nordictrack E12.7 exercise machine will be easier than ever. With just a full body exercise bike at home, you will feel the difference with many different training features. Tested and confirmed by leading experts in the US

    Products of Nordictrack E12.7 exercise machine with outstanding features, smart design, creativity, with a luxurious design, the product is a perfect combination of electric treadmill and multi-function exercise bike … Integrating many functions to lose fat, lose weight, exercise … Has been included in the general exercise machine. Nordictrack body exercise E12.7

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    Full body exercise bike with outstanding features

    Latest Android operating system.

    With a clear 7 “HD screen you can surf the web, watch movies, listen to music, chat with friends, surf facebook … All are built on the exercise machine. Nordictrack E12.7

    30 professional training programs.

    30 training programs are the world’s leading experts to practice weight loss, calorie consumption, fat loss, endurance, exercise … you will be spoiled for choosing the exercise that best suits you.

    Combining 30 levels of resistance creates many levels of exercise.

    30 chương trình luyện tập

    Nordictrack full-body exercise machine with 30 exercise programs

    By adjusting the resistance in combination with 30 available exercise programs, you will create a multitude of different exercises. Please increase the level of exercise to achieve the highest efficiency.

    Adjusting the stride slope easily:

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    The pedal is easy to adjust

    You are free to adjust the tilt or slope very simply to suit your posture of your muscular physique. Depending on the slope of the exercise machine is directly proportional to the stride. The longer the slope ratio, the longer the stride you adjust for it.

    1-TOUCH technology of intelligent control

    1-TOUCH technology makes it easy to manipulate all the functions of the machine. No more hard keys, now with a simple touch you can adjust everything.

    7 “inch screen.

    You can easily track and display all information related to exercise such as: Heart rate, calories burned … Help you plan the most appropriate exercise plan.

    Equipped with CoolAire cooling system.

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    CoolAire cooling system brings cool breeze to help you practice more comfortable.

    IFit Live technology excels.

    With iFit live simulation technology this is a new and remarkable improvement of the product line of Nordictrack E12.7 full-body exercise bicycles. You can run to many parts of the world through google maps. You can join the tour with friends, participate in training with the online community around the world. Organize races at home using iFit live technology.

    IPod speaker system.

    Just practice you can listen to Mp3 music, just connect the music player to the attached speaker system of the device.
    With the outstanding features that the Nordictrack E12.7 full-body cycling machine brings. You will own an advanced modern trendy machine today. Let’s practice and discover the amazing advantages of the device.


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