As an important strategic brand of ICON Health & Fitness, Nordictrack has nearly 40 years of experience in providing innovative and high quality fitness equipment to the US market as well as worldwide.

Founded in 1975 by Edward Pauls. Inspired by the ski race, Edward Pauls launched the world’s first Nordictrack ski machine.

In 1986, his production facility in Chaska, Minnesota was overwhelmed by the number of orders of ski machines. He began negotiating with CML to cede Nordictrack. In 1988 CML officially owned Nordictrack and expanded the production of other training equipment such as treadmill, exercise bike, body exercise machine and other types of equipment.

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CML has expanded Nordictrack’s market with a distribution network all over the United States, stores exclusively supplying Nordictrack’s equipment are very profitable at this time.

By the mid-1990s, the fitness equipment industry gradually became saturated, the appearance of new competitors made Nordictrack’s sales significantly reduced. Despite the reduction of staff and store system, Norditrack was forced to declare bankruptcy in 1998.

In 1999 Nordictrack was acquired by the world’s largest fitness equipment maker, ICON Health and Fitness.

Nordictrack is invested in a larger scale and developed by ICON Health and Fitness. They still make Nordictrack classic equipment and focus on developing new products in their own way.

Treadmill is considered as the key product of Nordictrack, this is the best-selling brand worldwide. By relentless creativity and the application of advanced technology in its products, Nordictrack gradually conquers all the most demanding customers. In 2009, Nordictrack brought the world’s first climbing machine to reach a custom slope of up to 40%.

In addition to high-end treadmill, Nordictrack also dominates the market by exercise bikes and full-body exercise machines at home. The trio of products provide users with the best experience on home workout equipment.

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